Welcome to the Smart Blues page.
Explore the resources below to create your own Blues performance.

Add in some real instruments if you can.
Why not record your performance on audio or video?
You could even upload it to a blog and comment on your own & each others' performance.


The structure of most Blues songs is the 12 Bar Blues chord sequence.

Three lines of 4 bars - as in this chord guitar:


For a heavier ROCK style you can use POWER CHORDS. Find E5, A5 and B5 to play in the same 12 Bar Blues pattern:

To play melodies or to improvise solos you just need to make patterns on the single notes:

e g a b d e

In between a and b use the black key known as b flat.


to play on a qwerty keyboard: C B N J M . / (also X=d; and Shift B, N, J & M)


Improvising hints:
Know the key note (E on this page) and use it a lot; starting and ending patterns on it.
Make short patterns using just 2 or 3 notes.
When you find a pattern that works, repeat it (then it becomes a riff).
Play with style to fit into the backing.
Be brave - stick to the notes and it's impossible to sound wrong! Have fun!

Christmas Blues. Try this out. You could use it as a backing to improvise to.

and the same for keyboard:


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